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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Essay on "India - Our Mother Country" in English

          India is a vast country. Our country's name 'Bharat' was derived from the name of king, 'Bharat'. As the country was the basic ground of the Aryans, so it was also called the 'Aryavarta'. Moreover, it was known as the “Golden Bird”, in the world.

India is a vast country. There are the Himalayas in its north and the immense Indian ocean is in its south. Bangla Desh is in its east and the country of Pakistan is in its west. As regards its area, it has the seventh place among other countries in the world. Different lands of the country have the different climates and the different geographical features. There are the vast and smooth planes of the Ganges, the Sindhu and the Brahamputra. Rajasthan is a sandy desert and the south side of the country is almost a plateau.

Different complexions and different features of Indian people are due to their distinct habitations. Dissimilar tribes and various castes live on this land. In spite of their separate dresses and dialectal differences, all are united. Unity in diversity is a man speciality of our land.

Lingua Franca of India has great diversity. The people of North and West speak Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Gujrati. Tamil, Telegu, Malyalam and Kannad are spoken in the South, Bengla, Udia, Asmia, etc. are the dialects of the east.

The natural hilly places of Kashmir, Nainital, Mussourie, Simla, Kullu, Manali, Darjeling, etc. have made the country more beautiful and charming than paradise.

India is one of the ancient countries. Traditions of old can still be seen here. Besides art and culture, India does not lag behind the other countries in sphere of science. Super human persons like lord Rama, Krishna, Budha, Mahavir, Guru Nanak, Dayanand, etc. have descended upon this land. All these distinguished persons have established harmony for righteous conduct and purification.

India is a religious country. Her sacred places are symbols of spiritualism. Modern face of India is changing everyday. New steel-plants, dams, power stations, mills and factories are the mark of her all round progress.

I am proud to be born in such a country. The future of my country is all the more very bright in 21st century.

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