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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Essay on "Our School" in English

          School is a place for learning and teaching. It is an institution where children are educated. Every young child comes out of its house and take admission in a school for its all sided development.

The name of our school is Lord Mahavira Public School. The building of our school is very grand and beautiful. It has thirty rooms. Besides these rooms, it has separate big rooms for library and practical work . On one side of the building there is a well-arranged and well decorated hall. Here students may launch some pro-gramme to develop their knowledge or to entertain themselves. Debates or discussions may also be arranged there.

In the west of the main building there is a vast and spacious play- ground for games. During recess or after school students play different games in the play ground.

Nearly two thousand students study in our school. There are fifty well educated teachers. Their method of teaching is excellent. They also give extra time to teach weak students. Results of our school is always high percent. Students pay respects to their teachers.

Training of N.C.C. and scouting is also given to the students to discipline their life. Such training may prove helpful to serve their country. Here professional education like tailoring, book-craft, agriculture, etc. is also given.

Cleanliness and discipline are the special features of our institution. On many occasions our school has won prizes, shields, trophies, etc. at District or State level competitions.

From every point of view, our school is a good institution. Here we get not only good education but also good company and training from our teachers. They instigate us and give us correct direction for our progress in our life.

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