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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Essay on Horse in English

          Since ancient times the horse has been the integral part of man's life. He has been given a special importance due to his well-built body, power and fast speed. To measure the power of a machine 'Horse Power' is considered to be its measuring unit.

The horse is a faithful animal and at the time of danger he safe-guards his master even at the cost of his own life. Due to these qualities poems upon, 'Chetak', the horse of Maharana Pratap, have been composed.

The horse has four strong legs. He has a tail with long hair. He has a fine mane on his neck. He is a vegetarian animal. He eats grass, fodder gram, etc. Horses have different pedigrees, among which the horses of Arabia are considered to be the best one. They are of different colours e.g. black, red, white, spotted, etc.

The horse is a very useful animal for us. Mostly he is used in riding. In ancient times the soldiers and the kings riding on horses used to fight battles. Now-a-days they are also used in Military Police.

Horses are also used to show tricks in a circus. During marriage ceremony it is considered holy if the ride groom takes a ride on a mare. Of course the horse is a useful animal.

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