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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Essay on Indian Farmer in English

India is a country of villages. Farmers are the backbone of agriculture. Seventy percent population of India lives in villages and does the work of agriculture. These agriculturists are called farmers. The main property of a farmer is his plough and oxen. He eats very simple food but removes the hunger of the whole world. He does not care for the sun, the winter or the rains. He works very hard but gets very ordinary food. His clothes are very simple and live in a mud house.

The Indian farmer gets up early in the morning and goes to the field with his oxen and the plough. He works hard for the whole day and grows fine and rich crops. He is very sincere about his work. Our farmers do not use modern scientific methods, so their production in the fields does not grow according to needs. For the irrigation of his fields, he depends upon the rainy winds of monsoon. Many times his crops are destroyed completely due to uncertain monsoon. Thus some time his fields are affected by drought while at other times the heavy rain causes floods.

Generally, the condition of Indian farmers is miserable. Most of them are very poor. They borrow money from some money lenders and run into debt. Due to poverty, he does not get any benefit of education. His children also help him in his work. So, they cannot lead to a good and cultural life.

Our government is now paying more attention to the betterment of farmers. It has started many schemes to improve their condition. Now development in schools is being made and new schools and adult schools are being opened for education. Banks and other government institutions are lending money to farmers to improve their condition. Co-operative banks and cooperative societies are also being opened for the progress of the cultivators. The old roads have been repaired and the new roads are being constructed to connect the villages to the towns. Now there is a facility of electricity which regulates the tube-wells.

Our farmers are the backbone of our nation. So it is the foremost duty of the people and the government to improve their condition. If their condition is not improved the whole country will suffer. Our government is now paying more attention to the progress of the cultivators. Only the progress of farmers will make our country rich and strong.

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