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Monday, April 6, 2020

Essay on "The Postman" in English

          The Postman is a government servant. He delivers letters, parcels and money orders in different areas. He is very useful and necessary person in our society. There are post-offices in every big locality. The region of a post office is divided into small areas and every area has one postman.

The main duty of a postman is to deliver letters, parcels and money orders in his area. To do this work he has to go from door to door. He daily gets letters, parcels and money orders from the post office. Then all letters, parcels, etc. are sorted out area wise and then are given to the different concerning postmen. Then every postman takes letters, parcels, etc. and starts to deliver it.

In big cities, the work of delivery is done by post-office van but in small cities and towns the postmen do it either on bicycles or on foot.

The postman does his work with alertness and sincerity. To do his job he leaves his house very early and comes back home by night. The postman wears khaki trousers, khaki shirt and khaki cap with a red coloured strip. Wearing this dress, he goes to his work. Only Sunday is a holiday for him. The work of a village postman is very hard. He has to go from village to village in all weather, fine or rough.

The work of a postman is very hard but his pay is very low. This is a very miserable thing. The government should increase his pay so that he may do his duty sincerely.

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