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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Essay on "A Railway Journey" in English

Man occasionally travels to see his friends and relations living at different places. Some trips are also made for amusement. Journey of different places acquaint people with the knowledge of different cultures, civilizations and natural beauties of various lands.

Last year, I made a programme to go to Delhi with my friends during summer vacation. We got ready by evening with all necessary belongings for the journey. The train was to depart from the station at six o'clock in the morning, We got up early and reached the station in time.

The whole platform was fully crowded with passengers. All were waiting for the train. Some were sitting near their luggage. Some were moving about.

As the train arrived there was a great pushing and jostling for seats in compartments. But, as our seats were already reserved in a second class compartment, we had no difficulty to occupy them.

It was the express train. So it Stopped at only important stations. My seat at was near the window and I could look outside through it. I enjoyed the beautiful sights of the way. The countryside was very charming. I felt joy when the train passed through a fascinating sight of hills and mountains. At some stations hawkers entered the compartment to sell some eatables, cigarettes, etc. to the passengers. At 12 o'clock we reached our destination. I enjoyed the whole journey. It will ever remain fresh in my memory.

Though we suffered some difficulties during our journey, yet we were happy. Our self-confidence increased. During journey we learn how to behave in a company of strangers. We enjoy beautiful sights of nature. Besides, journey has a great educative value. We get first hand knowledge of different types of men, their manners and culture. Sometimes we make new friends.

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