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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Essay On Tourism in English

Tourism is commonly known as "the activity of visiting places for pleasure". The basic concept of tourism is based on the movement of people outside their own place of residence i.e. home area. Therefore, tourism can be considered as the movement of people within a city, state, country or across international boundary.
All of us at one point of time or other have taken part in some tourism activity; whether it is a visit to our grandparents staying at a nearby city or a day trip to visit the monuments in our own city or maybe a trip to a foreign country for a holiday and so on. During any of these tourism activities you must have noticed that many people are involved in providing the services such as the travel agent, guide, transporter, ushers, souvenir sellers and shows all the sectors that are associated with the tourism industry, and how all of them come together to form the largest employers in the world i.e. the Tourism Industry. 

In modern world, tourism industry is constantly changing and evolving; primarily because of its linkage with more than seven other industries such as - aviation, accommodation, surface transportation, water transportation, telecommunication, attraction management, travel facilitators, manufacturers of handicraft and souvenirs designed for visitors and related outlets and so on. The inter linkage of so many industries has indeed made the study and understanding of Tourism very interesting.

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