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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Essay on "Autobiography of a Rupee coin" in English

        I was minted into a rupee coin at the Mumbai mint ten years ago. There I lay among a big heap of glittering rupee coins for some time. 

One day, the mint manager got us packed into boxes to be sent to different parts of the country. The box containing me was sent to Pune. When the box was opened, I was given to a merchant along with some other rupee coins.

As the merchant was putting us into an iron safe, I fell out of his hand and rolled away. His little son picked me up and put me into his pocket. He liked my shining look so much that he would take me to his class daily and show me to his friends with great pride and pleasure. 

One day, a naughty classmate stole me from my master's box, He used me to buy two kites from a street hawker. I remained in the pocket of the hawker for a few days. 

Fortunately, I was given in change to a well-dressed customer. Thereafter I changed masters rapidly. I can't remember all of them but I must have been in the company of people of all professions from doctors and lawyers to tailors and tricksters. I remember being locked up by a miser for six long months. This was a severe punishment for me. 

My last master was an old man. Once, when he was going to market, I fell out of his pocket. I rolled away and fell into a heap of refuse. Here I am 'ring buried under the heap of garbage. I don't know how long I shall have to lie here in this miserable condition.

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