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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Letter to Request to hold a football match between two schools

Letter to the Secretary of the Sports Club of another school, asking if a football match  between the teams of his school and yours can be arranged.

{Your School Name}
{Your Address},
{City} {Pin Code}.
The Secretary,
Sports Club,
{Another School Name,}
{Area Name,}

Subject: Request to hold a football match between our schools

Dear Sir,

        It is with great pleasure that I invite you to consider a friendly football match between our schools. Both our teams are good and the match will give both of us the opportunity to practise skills amongst equals. It would be, indeed, an interesting exercise.

        If you agree, do let us know, and we can meet and work out details such as the venue, time and any specific rules for the match. The Principal of our school has given us the permission. What remains is for you to get the necessary permission. I am sure, your Principal too would oblige. Let's get together and have an absolutely smashing match. Do let us know when we can meet- let it be at your earliest. 

Yours sincerely,     
Secretary, Sports Club, 
{Your School Name}   


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