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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Essay on Advertisement in English

        Ours is an age of advertisement. The TV, the radio, the cinema and the newspaper are the common media of advertisement. We also find advertisements on building-walls, buses and at railway-stations and airports.
        Advertisement is a necessity today. Our wants are increasing. Thousands of things are manufactured to satisfy our wants. But for advertisements, producers would not be able to bring their goods to the notice of consumers. Consumers, too, would not be able to know where to find the things they want. Advertisements help traders to sell more and thereby expand trade and industry. Owners of cinema houses, circus proprietors and all others who wish to attract clients need the help of advertisements. It is these advertisements which provide a major portion of the income to newspapers and magazines having wide circulations and also to the Radio and TV channels. 

        But advertisement has its negative side, too. Sometimes, misleading advertisements induce people to buy things of inferior quality and thus put them to a big loss and harm as well. Advertisements raise the prices of consumer goods because the manufacturing companies recover the cost of advertisements from consumers. Indecent advertisements have a bad effect on the minds of the young who watch them. 

        But when all is said and done, the fact remains that modern society just can't do without advertisements. It can be truly said that advertisements have come to stay for good and also for bad. They are a necessary evil in modern times.

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