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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Essay on "Autobiography of a Wrist-watch" in English

        Today I am one of the items of a junk box belonging to a dealer in watch spare-parts. I have ceased to function and so nobody wants me. But I am proud of the days gone by. 

        I was born in a factory in Switzerland. 21 jewels strengthened my physique and a bright golden dial with radium figures adorned my face. My delicate but precious heart was enclosed in a case of rolled gold.

        From the factory, I was transported to the renowned M/s Favre Leuba Company in Mumbai along with others of my rank. There, in the shop, I was proudly displayed in a glass-panelled case artistically and beautifully decorated. The shop was visited by clients belonging to all ranks of society and all walks of life. 

        One day, I attracted the attention of an elderly professor. I was packed in a velvet case and handed over to the professor for a sum of Rs 125. This was a princely sum in those days. The professor proud' took me home. 

        The professor looked after me with great care and attention. In his company I attended many educational and cultural functions and seminars. I went with him to the college. I was the centre of attraction wherever I went. 

        As the days passed, I started having trouble. My master would have me repaired and then again something would go wrong with me. I started losing my usefulness. My master was no longer interested in me. He left me anywhere because I was no more my former self. 

        One day he put me on a pile of newspapers. His grandson came there and pulled one of the newspapers. Down I fell and was crushed under his boot. I was damaged beyond repair. 

        As I was of no use now, my master handed me over to this dealer of watch spare-parts. And here am I now awaiting an early peaceful end.

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