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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Essay on "If I were a Teacher" in English

        Sometimes Mummy asks me to teach my younger brother Paul. I enjoy the work a great deal. But teaching your own younger brother is no joke. It is quite different from teaching an entire class. And I often wonder how it would be if I were a teacher.
        The subject I'd like to teach most would be Mathematics. I love the subject and find it so easy and interesting. I'd like to show children in my class how simple Mathematics really is. I'd use drawings and charts to teach them many of the topics in Mathematics that they find difficult. I'd have one period only for shopping. I'd appoint some children as shopkeepers and the others as customers. I'm sure the children would learn this game and learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply very easily through this joyful experience. I'd give lots of examples and make Mathematics sheer fun to learn. 

        I'd set different types of tests to check whether the students have really learned Mathematics. I'd see to it that my students knew their tables perfectly. Sometimes I'd make them write them down. I'd see to it that the students learnt most of the subject in class itself. I would give only as much homework as is required for practice. 

        I'd never punish my students because that would create in them a dislike for the subject. I'd be very patient and explain things slowly and carefully many times so that everyone understands. Of course this does not mean that I'd be lenient and lax. I'd definitely not tolerate mischief or unnecessary noise in the class. I'd be firm but kind. 

        Who knows, when I grow up I might do my B.Sc. in Mathematics, and then my B.Ed. I'd then become a teacher in some school. For now, however, all I can do is to dream of what I would do if I were a teacher.

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