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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Essay on "The Wonders of Science" in English

        Science is one of the miracles of thought and application of knowledge that the brain of man has come out with. Life has been made much easier and comfortable by the blessings of science.
        Take for example, books. Due to the invention of printing, plays written by masters such as Shakespeare and Shaw are cheaply available to the public. Television presents visual pictures of events occurring all over the world. You can watch the Olympics or an exciting test match sitting comfortably at home. No need to go to a theatre for a movie. Sit at home, relax and watch the movie of your choice on your TV screen. 

        Computers are fast overtaking the world. They store information the way no amount of paper can do. Spaceships are controlled by computers. Bank transactions are done on computers. Airports work in an organised manner due to the efficiency of computers. 

        In the home, the housewife has an array of gadgets to make her work easy. The washing machine helps her wash clothes. The pressure cooker, mixer-grinder, the gas stove and the microwave help in the preparation of food items with little effort. There are gadgets even to make chapatis. The refrigerator stores and preserves food. 

        Gone are the days when we had to sweat in summer or shiver in winter. The air-conditioner and the heater have taken care of all that. Soon, all these comforts will be available to every one. 

        So long as man utilises these wonders for the benefit of himself and his fellowmen, science remains a miracle of modern times. Man may misuse these miracles. But then that is not the fault of science. It is the fault of man.

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