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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Paragraph on Earthquakes

        Earthquakes are caused by the movements of huge plates of rock in the Earth's crust. Almost every month, somewhere in the world, the earth shakes slightly. But. sometimes major earthquakes take place. The land shakes violently. The roads break up and buildings and bridges collapse. People get trapped inside the broken buildings and die. Cattle and other domestic animals also get killed in earthquakes. There is a great amount of loss of property whenever earthquakes occur. At the beginning of an earthquake the utensils in the kitchen and the household items start rattling. People start running out of their houses to save their lives. If the earthquake is intense, houses, buildings and even dams are affected. People suffered a lot when the earthquake hit Gujarat in the year 2001. In some cases, scientists can tell in advance that an earthquake is going to occur. But many times this is not possible. We cannot prevent earthquakes. However, we can learn how to save our lives and how to manage rescue operations during a natural disaster like earthquake.

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