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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Paragraph on "If I were a Scientist"

        Right from childhood I like Scientists. I am interested in science subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Biology. I have great interest in mathematics also. I always respect the scientists for their inventions and contributions to the society. If I were a scientist, I would always be with the farmers of India. Our farmers have to work very hard. Still they do not get any of the comforts that people in the cities get. The farmers in the villages have no hospitals nearby. Their children cannot afford higher education. As a scientist, I will invent easier methods of farming. I will also invent appropriate agricultural implements. Farmers should be able to save a lot of time and efforts by using such innovative machines and methods. I will do everything possible to improve the irrigation also. I will recommend policies to the government by which farmers get maximum price for their products. When a farmer gets paid for his hard labour and intelligent decisions, he will be able to enjoy his life. He will be able to give his children higher education. Thus he will be able to keep his family happy. That will give me a lot of satisfaction as a scientist.

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