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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Paragraph on "My Neighbours"

        We live in a beautiful house. We have helpful, loving neighbours. That enhances the joy of living in this house. On our left, it is Mr. Kalpesh Mehta's house. Mr. Mehta is an Engineer. He works in a private firm. His wife Poojaben is a teacher. They have a daughter named Meshva. We call her Chaku with love. She is three years old. On our right, there lives a Shah family. Mr. Shah is a clerk in a school. His wife Kamlaben is a housewife. They have two children: Manoj and Khyati. Manoj is younger than Khyati. He studies in my class. He is my best friend. Khyati studies in standard 12. She is very sincere and hardworking. Both the families are very loving and helpful. We help one another in any difficulty. We spend a lot of time together. Mr. Mehta is very fond of cricket. We often enjoy watching cricket matches on TV with him at his house. Sometimes we go on a picnic or to a cinema together. We always celebrate festivals together. We share our joys and sorrows. We are lucky to have such loving and helpful neighbours.

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