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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Paragraph on "Visit to an Amusement Park"

        Last Sunday, I visited an amusement park in Gandhinagar. My friends Rakesh and Vedant were also there with me. Rakesh had seen the park before. But for Vedant and me, it was the first visit. We reached the gate of the Park around 5 o'clock in the evening. At the gate, there were two giant statues of dinosaurs. The statues were so large that young children would be afraid to look at them. The ticket window was in the middle of these two gigantic dinosaurs. The cost of one ticket was Rs.10. We took the tickets and got into the amusement park. There were giant wheels of different size and capacity, rides with a variety of movements, mini train, Dragon, Tora Tora and many other adventurous games inside the park. We were a bit confused about which we should try first. We took tickets to get into the Dragon. As soon as we all sat on the chairs fixed inside the mouth of the Dragon, it started moving. Gradually the speed increased. There were sharp curves on the rails and we thought we might be thrown out of the dragon's mouth. It was a great experience for all the three of us. We enjoyed many other exciting rides. We also enjoyed snacks and ice-cream. We returned after three hours.

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