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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Paragraph on "The Whale"

        More than two-thirds of our planet is covered with water. Large oceans and seas make up 71% of the Earth's surface. Life on Earths began in the waters of the seas. Millions of years before humans first lived on Earth, whales were swimming in the oceans. Whales are among the most intelligent of all creatures. They are also the largest animals in the world. The whales are divided into two groups: those with teeth and those without teeth. The friendly bottle-nosed dolphin and the ferocious killer whale belong to the group of whales with teeth. The blue whale which is the largest animal in the world, belong to the toothless group. Blue whales can live upto 80 years of age. Sperm whale, Blue whale, Right whale, Humpback whale and Killer whale are the different types of whales. Before the invention of electricity and electrical bulbs, the streets of European towns were lit by oil lamps. This oil was produced from the fats of whales. Hunting whales for meat and oil was quite common those days. Hunting of whales is strictly prohibited now in all countries.

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