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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Expansion of Idea - Practice makes a man perfect

Practice makes a man perfect is a proverb which tells us the importance of continuous practice in any subject to learn anything. No achievement is possible by just dreaming about it. There is no alternative to hard work and success. We must have to practice in a particular field on a regular basis in which we want to succeed. The secret of achievement and perfection is practice. It is the only practice that makes a man perfect. Nobody can perform well in his field if he does not practice on a regular basis. Only continuous practice, a man can achieve his target and succeed in his particular field. Long hours of regular practice on daily basis is very necessary for perfection.

A cricketer too has to practice for many hours under the expert guidance of his coach and play many matches for years before he is selected to play for an international match. A student who wants to secure above 85% of marks in science and maths have to practice hundreds of sums and write a number of papers to develop self-confidence so as to reach his goal. If we are not practicing in our field, we cannot master in it. We need continuous practice so we can learn anything we want in the world. Therefore, practice is the most important thing. Action performed with proper planning and regular practice leads a person towards perfect performance. Discipline, patience, and confidence in oneself and hard work bring perfection which ultimately leads to brilliant success.

The practice is hard in the beginning. Practice is the best habit and if we develop it from the childhood with the help of our parents and teachers, But strong will power, a lot of patience and courage is needed to begin. We must have faith in ourselves and never give up but we must continue to practice to achieve perfection. As time passes we find it easier, we become proficient and at last, the day dawns when we reach the coveted goal and the reward.

Thus it is practice that makes us perfect.


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