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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Essay on Myself in English

My name is Amit. I am thirteen years old. I am a student in standard VIII. I am a clever boy in my class. I am tall and strong. I like to play cricket and badminton. I also like to read books. My hobby is collecting stamps. 

My father is the head of our family. His name is Sushilbhai. He is forty years old. He is an engineer. He is also tall and strong and healthy man. My father is very regular and punctual. He works very hard. He cares for my well-being. He helps me with my studies. He is very fond of reading. After dinner, he talks to me about many interesting things. My father is very kind, loving and helpful. He is always cheerful. I love and respect my father. I am proud of him.

My mother's name is Meenaben. She is thirty-eight years old. She is a housewife. My mother is very busy the whole day. She works very hard. She takes care of our needs. She cooks food for us. She keeps the house neat and tidy. She goes to the market to brings fresh vegetables and groceries. My mother helps me to do my homework. She teaches me good manners. She is kind and loving. She is helpful, too. She is always cheerful and smiling. I love my mother.

I have a sister. Her name is Mayuri. She is five years old and she likes to play with her dolls. She has beautiful big eyes. Mayuri is a chubby girl. She is very playful. Sometimes she is naughty, too. She is a very talkative girl. She is smart and clever. She can sing nursery rhymes. Mayuri likes to eat chocolates. She is very fond of toys. She often plays with our pet dog. We all love her very much.

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