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Monday, May 9, 2022

Paragraph on "My Father"

My father is the head of our family. His name is Sushilbhai, and he is forty years old. He works as a manager in an IT firm. He is tall and smart and he is my best friend. He is healthy and strong. He always boosts my confidence and motivates me to work harder. My father is very regular and punctual. He works very hard. He cares for my well-being. In his free time, he likes to paint. He is very fond of reading.

He is the one who taught me the basic ethics of life and helps me with my studies.  After dinner, he talks to me about many interesting things. My father is very kind, loving, and helpful. He is always cheerful. My father is my source of inspiration, and I love him and respect him. I am proud of him.

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