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Friday, May 27, 2022

Report on a Science Exhibition for the school magazine

You have visited a Science Exhibition organized by the Education Department. Prepare a report for the school magazine appreciating the work of the organizers. 


{Place}, {Date} 

        The Science Exhibition arranged at New Models High School from 15th September to 20th September by the Vidhya Sankul was indeed an outstanding success. The talents of the young budding scientists need to be appreciated, for it was an eye-opener to all and sundry who visited the exhibition. 

The exhibition was inaugurated by the District Education Officer. There were various pandals erected for the display of variety of exhibits. Models of water purifiers, washing machines, and simple machine for recycling waste found favour with many. India goes nuclear and satellite communication were star attractions of the exhibition. Environment-friendly chimney, Solar cooker, Solar water heater, and Gobar gas plant were some other working models. 

The young scientists explained the scientific principles involved in their projects using charts, slides, models, etc. The simple machine for recycling of waste exhibited by Model English School was highly appreciated by the judges and was awarded the first prize. 

While awarding the prizes, the District Education Officer lauded the efforts of the young scientists and teachers who made the exhibition a grand success. 

The exhibition was really educative and entertaining. 

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