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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Report on a medical camp conducted by Social Workers


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        A medical camp was organized by the Social Workers of New Models School on eye donation day. Free eye-checkup and cataract operations were done by a group of doctors from the Government Hospital. Spectacles were provided free of cost to the poor. 

The camp aims to create mass public awareness about the importance of eye donation and to motivate people to pledge their eyes for donation after death. An appeal for the donation of eyes was welcomed positively by the teachers and parents. Hundreds of parents signed a pledge to donate their eyes after death. On the whole, the camp was a grand success. 

Blindness is one of the major public health problems in developing countries. According to World Health Organization, corneal diseases (Damage to the tissue covering the front of eye called cornea) are among the major causes of vision loss and blindness, after cataract and glaucoma.


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