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Saturday, July 8, 2023

10 Lines on Peacock


1. The peacock is a beautiful bird known for its vibrant and colorful feathers.

2. It is the national bird of India and holds a special place in Indian culture and folklore.

3. Male peacocks have long, iridescent tail feathers with stunning patterns.

4. The female peacock, called a peahen, has more subdued brown feathers with hints of green.

5. Peacocks are skilled fliers and can soar to great heights, showcasing their magnificent plumage.


6. They are omnivorous birds and feed on a diet consisting of seeds, insects, fruits, and small reptiles.

7. Peacocks are known for their distinctive courtship displays, where the male fans out his tail feathers to attract a mate.

8. They are typically found in forests and grasslands, preferring areas with trees and water sources.

9. Peacocks have a loud and distinctive call, often described as a piercing and melodious scream.

10. Due to their stunning appearance, peacocks are often kept in zoos, gardens, and parks, where people can admire their beauty.

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