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Letter Writing

1. What is a Letter?

A letter is a form of written communication between two persons or two parties on a particular topie, matter, incident, etc. It serves the purpose of documentation as well

2. Types of Letters :

Broadly speaking, there are two types of letters, namely, Informal letters and Formal letters,
  1. Informal Letters : These letters are written to friends, relatives, members of the family, and close acquaintances,
  2. Formal Letters : Such letters include Official letters, Business letters, Letters of Application, Letters to the Editor, etc.

3. Format of a Letter:

Every letter consists of the following parts:
  1. Writer's address : It is placed at the top right of the page.
  2. Date: It is placed below the writer's address,
  3. Salutation : It varies depending on the nature of relationship between the addressee (the person to whom the letter is written) and the addressor (the writer). It starts from the left margin of the page.
  4. Body of the letter: The content matter of the letter may be divided into paragraphs according to the number of ideas expressed
  5. The complimentary close or the subscription : Here, leave must be taken in a courteous manner. It is written at the bottom right of the page. The complimentary close must match the salutation.
  6. Writer's signature and name : The writer must sign his name below the complimentary close followed by his name in full.

[Note : In a formal letter, the name, designation and address of the addressee must come before the salutation  beginning from the left margin of the page.]

4. How to write a good Letter :

(1) Arrange the ideas and facts in a logical and well-linked order,
(2) Avoid cliches and hackneyed expressions.
(3) Be precise and direct. Do not change paragraphs abruptly.
(4) Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation.
(5) Make sure that the letter conveys the intended message clearly and the tone of the letter suits the particular type of the letter

5. Essentials of a good Letter :

        A letter is a direct address to the addressee. Hence, it must be appealing. The ideas must be original and relevant. Include your own viewpoints and opinions on the topic only where called for.

        A letter should be in correct English, and in a style that reflects your personality.

        A letter should have the most appropriate words, phrases and idiomatic expressions.

        The sentences of a letter should be clear and precise.

        In official and commercial letters, jargon should be avoided as far as possible.


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