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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Paragraph on "Quiz Competition"

        We conduct quiz programmes in our school every year. Quiz programmes help us to learn more about a particular subject. Students of different age groups participate in different types of quiz competitions. There are general quiz contests also. A quiz is a good way of testing as well as improving one's general knowledge. It also gives us training in thinking fast and expressing ourselves properly. There are special quiz programmes on subjects like Sports, Cricket, English Literature, Science, Politics and so on. In a quiz, the competition will be between three or four groups. The person who asks questions to the group is called a Quiz Master. Usually, there are four or five rounds of questions. Each group is given a chance to answer a set of questions. The time to give answers is limited. If a group is not able to give answer to a question within the time limit, the question goes to the next group. Whichever group gets maximum number of right answers or points is declared as the winner. The last quiz competition held in our school was on the theme of Indian culture.

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