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Monday, June 15, 2020

Essay on "A Day of Heavy Rainfall" in English

        I am so excited about the rainy season. Monsoon is my favourite season. The first rain I enjoyed a lot. The rainy season had just begun. It was pleasant and cool all around. The ground was covered with fresh green grass.

One day, there was bright sunshine. People moved out of their houses without rainwear and umbrellas. they did not expect rain on such a bright day. But in the afternoon, all of a sudden, dark clouds gathered in the sky and when I was coming back from school I saw that rain is coming and when the bell rang I rushed out of the school to take bath in rain. But how the time was passing the rain became heavy and heavy, I used to run under a tree. First time the drops of rains are hitting me. I was afraid my parents would be worried about my safety if I were too late.

There were many school friends with me, who, too, were on their way home. Soon we were wading through knee-deep water. It was difficult to find a safe way home. We were completely drenched. The whole area had turned into a vast sea. A number of trees fallen along the road blocked the traffic. With great difficulty and after a lot of anxious moments, I managed to reach home. Seeing me back home safe, my parents were relieved.

It continued raining throughout that night till the evening of the next day. That day I stayed indoors. The heavy rain continues for three days. The three days are too much scarable for me. But after three days rain cools down. But because of heavy rain, the school gives us holiday. Many trees fall down because of heavy rain.

Soon the rainwater flowed away. It took more than a week for the town to recover from the effects of the heavy rainfall.

Sometimes a rain which we like the most became the scariest thing or memory of our life.

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