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Friday, November 24, 2023

10 Lines on "My School"

1.    My school is where I go to learn new things every day.

2.    It has classrooms where we sit and listen to our teachers.

3.    The school is in a nice place with trees and a playground.

4.    Our teachers are kind, and they help us understand different subjects.

5.    We have a library with lots of books that we can read.

6.    During breaks, we play games in the schoolyard with our friends.

7.    There's a canteen where we get snacks and lunch.

8.    In the computer lab, we learn how to use computers and the internet.

9.    We have fun events like sports day and school plays.

10.         My school is a place where I make friends and enjoy learning new things. 

1.    My school is a place of learning and education where students gather to acquire knowledge.

2.   It is situated in a peaceful environment with well-maintained classrooms and green surroundings.

3.    The school has a dedicated and experienced teaching staff who strive to impart education effectively.

4.  There is a library in my school, which is a treasure trove of books on various subjects, fostering a reading culture.

5.    The school playground is a lively space where students engage in sports and recreational activities.

6. Various extracurricular activities, including debates, quizzes, and cultural events, are organized to nurture students' overall development.

7.    The school canteen provides a variety of nutritious snacks and meals for students during break times.

8.   We have a computer lab equipped with modern technology to enhance our learning in the digital age.

9.    The school encourages a sense of discipline and responsibility through various programs and initiatives.

10. I have fond memories of my school, and it plays a crucial role in shaping my academic and personal growth.

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