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Essay Writing

1. What is an Essay?

An essay is a set of connected and sequential ideas written in such a way that they make a comprehensive whole. An essay is usually an expression of one's personal opinions, linked logically, on a given topic. 

2. Format of an Essay:

Generally, an essay may be divided into three main parts, namely, the introduction, the body and the conclusion. 

The introduction should be brief and should generate the interest of the reader. The opening paragraph should introduce the topic by way of a definition or an anecdote or a proverb or a quotation with a corresponding explanation. 

The body may be further divided into several short paragraphs depending on the number of ideas you wish to convey. Factual information, illustrations, reflections, the writer's point of view, etc. feature here. 

The conclusion should be short, striking and natural. A good and effective way of concluding an essay is to sum up the arguments, viewpoints or observations expressed in the main body of the essay. 

3. How to write a good Essay:

  1.   Collect and arrange ideas and facts in logical order. 
  2.   Make an outline of the essay. 
  3.   Maintain linkage of ideas and continuity of thought throughout.
  4.   Avoid repetition and unnecessary or hackneyed expressions. 
  5.   Frame simple and short sentences. 
  6.   Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation. 
  7.   Make sure that the essay is meaningful and quite readable.
  8.   Use sentences of different lengths and types so as to overcome the monotony and increase the interest factor.

4. Essentials of a Good Essay:

An essay has two basic aspects: matter and style
  1. The quality of the matter is of paramount importance, not so much the length.
  2. The ideas must be original, relevant and adequate and preferably humorous, especially when the nature of the topic lends itself to humour.
        Express your ideas in 'simple' and 'good' English. An essay demands more than just correct English, it requires an effective style. Pay attention to the range of vocabulary (words. phrases and idiomatic expressions) and the construction of sentences.

        Do not write in the first person (I) unless the topic justifies it. It is important to present your essay as a logically connected whole.

5. Types of Essays:

  1. Narrative essays: Narration of an event or a series of events.
  2. Descriptive essays: Description of a person, a character, a place or a thing.
  3. Reflective essays: Reflections or thoughts on a tople (generally of an abstract nature),
  4. Imaginative essays: Expression of one's imagination on a given tople
  5. Argumentative essays: Exposing the positive as well as the negative aspects of a given topic and drawing a suitable conclusion therefrom.

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